Prophets & Kings: The Glorious Servant

Prophets & Kings: The Holy God and Isaiah’s Mission

Prophets & Kings: God reveals the way to be healed

Prophets & Kings: The God Who Whispers

A Kingdom Established: Delighting in God & His Word

A Kingdom Established: Job and the Dilemma of Suffering

A Kingdom Established: “The Foolishness of a Once Wise King”

A Kingdom Established: The Temple

A Kingdom Established: Wisdom for God’s People – Chad Swigert

A Kingdom Established: Solomon asks for God’s wisdom

A Kingdom Established: In Need of a Savior

A Kingdom Established: “The Son of David”

Guest Speaker: Isaac Gagarinas

Guest Speaker: Chad Swigert – Manna Worldwide

A Kingdom Established: Humble Leadership

A Kingdom Established: When We Demand Our Own

The Promise Land: When God Speaks

The Promise Land: When Strength Is Not Enough

The Promised Land: A Courageous Warrior of God

The Promise Land: Deborah – God’s Woman

Fathers & Spiritual Children

The Promise Land: Walk Worthy

Relational Kingdom Prayer

The Promise Land: Private sin and our relationships

Mary: God’s Woman

The Promise Land: The God of Unusual Victories

The Promise Land: Going with God

The Promise Land: Snake Bit

The Promise Land: When faith fails


Easter Sunday Service

The Lamb who is King

Preparing for Easter – Prayer & Fasting

The Glory of the Lord and His Atonement

A Transformed Life

Redeemed: God of our Relationships

Redeemed: The Loving Lawgiver

Redeemed: Rebellion Against the Redeemer

Redeemed: The Wilderness Test

Redeemed: He Leads